Miscellaneous Money, Time and Headache Savers

Once you've organized your belongings, it's time to organize your move. The things you don't do can
cost you both money and time. Here's a listing of small details that can save you dollars and headaches.

32. Coordinate Your Move.
Give your mover plenty of notice and, if possible, arrange occupancy dates in your new residence to avoid
storage or delays.

33. Notify Telephone, Electric, Gas and Water Companies.
Set a specific date for service discontinuation. Request a final meter reading.   Don’t forget to connect utilities
in your destination city prior to your arrival. Otherwise, you might have to stay at a hotel until they are

34. Notify Your Cable Company and local Newspapers to discontinue service.

35. Change Your Magazine Subscription.
Make sure to change the address on your magazine subscription in advance to ensure you don’t miss any

36. Cancel Security Company, Lawn Service or any other type of regular service. 

37. Check Your Bank and Savings Accounts.
Arrange to transfer deposits so that you don't lose interest. Use your bank as a credit reference.

38. Advise your Post Office, Publications and Correspondents in advance.
This will prevent a delay in service.

39. Contact Former Employers and the Social Security Administration.
This will simplify obtaining future information for income tax purposes. 

40. Collect Any Deposits.
Whether it's a landlord or a utility company, it's easier to get deposits back in person than via long distance. 

41. Check with Orthodontist, Obstetrician, etc.
If any members of your family require ongoing medical or dental treatment for which you have paid, arrange
with the practitioner to pro-rate payments with a professional in your destination city. 

42. Check Your Homeowners Insurance.
It may be possible to have it applied to your future residence, or reassigned to the future owners and pro-rate
payments. If not, you may qualify for a partial refund. Be sure to coordinate insurance so that you're covered
in your new residence immediately.

43. If You Sold It, Don't Move It.
Be on hand moving day to make sure that anything which was supposed to stay with the home doesn't go on
the van. If these items are shipped, it’s going to cost time and money to send them back.

44. Membership Fees.
Depending on the clubs or organizations to which you belong, you may be able to sell memberships or get a
partial refund on dues. 

45. Lockers and Cleaners.
Be sure to collect all your belongings in club or school lockers and at the cleaners.

46. Call Toll-Free.
Any time you need to make a long distance phone call, use the toll-free number. 

47. Check on Car or Installment Loans.
You may be required to notify the lending company of your move.

48. Transfer all Insurance Records.
Verify that your car insurance is adequate, as rates vary from city to city.

49. Close any Revolving Charge Accounts with department stores or specialty shops without
locations in your
destination city.

50. Notify National Credit or Charge Card Organizations to change the address on your account. 

51. Try to Complete Closing and any other legal matters before you move.
It's costly to make a return trip to take care of details.

52. Arrange for Payment of Your Mover at Destination.
Unless charges are to be billed to your employer or the
cost ofyour move has been charged to your personal credit card, payment by cash, certified check or money order
is required at your destination.


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