Save On Taxes

There are many small things that could save you big money on your taxes at the end of the year. Be
sure to keep track of each of these items.

63. When You Donate Items to Charity, Request and Keep an Itemized Receipt.
It might help you qualify for a tax deduction.

64. Keep a Detailed Record and Receipts of Your Moving Expenses.
Include transportation, lodging, meals, etc. If you are moving because of a change in principal place of
employment, such reasonable expenses are deductible. Check with the Internal Revenue Service or your
accountant for specifics.

65. Keep a record of the costs of improvements made in your home through the years and any expenses
associated with the sale of your home, including realtor fees or classified costs.

66. & 67. Insurance and Inventory.
The two go together. Your possessions are worth as much in transit as they are in your home. Make sure
they're insured accordingly. Talk to your insurance agent if you have any questions. Budget Movers will be
glad to give you a complete inventory form. It can save you money moving -- and afterward. The ideal time
toprepare this inventory is while you organize for your move. List your possessions and their approximate
value. Photograph or videotape your items room by room. You'll probably be amazed what your possessions
are reallyworth. Keep your completed inventory in a safe place. If you have extensive household damage
in the future, you can establish accurate, comprehensive insurance claims.

68. Pick Your Mover Like You Picked Your Possessions. Very Carefully.
Because it's not just anybody's furniture -- it's your collection. Trivia or treasures, miscellaneous or heirlooms,
your possessionsare a part of your personality and lifestyle. They're what will make your new home uniquely
you. A proven, professional mover is your best assurance of a good move.

69. Don't Be Sold By the Lowest Estimate.
Estimates are exactly that. The actual cost of your move will be determined primarily by weight and distance,
plus the cost of any extra services you require. So if one estimate is significantly lower, be suspicious. That
way you won't be surprised on moving day.

70. An Estimate Is Only as Accurate as You Are.
Be precise and thorough when you show Budget Movers what is to be moved, and what, if anything, is not
to be moved. Canvas everything from the attic to the basement. The more thorough you are, the more accurate
your estimate will be.

71. Check the Record.
Although movers are no longer required by the government to furnish customers with information about their
performance, it's a good idea to compare movers. You'll find that Budget Movers has one of the best records in
the moving industry for estimating accuracy, as well as on-time pickup and delivery.

72. Ask Someone Who Knows.
At Budget Movers, most of our moves come to us as repeats or referrals. We are proud of this fact, and strive
to perform our services in a way which gives our customers the confidence to recommend us to their friends
and colleagues.

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