How Much Do Out of State Movers Cost?

When planning to move out of state, of course it’s important to stay within your budget. But what should that budget be? Every long-distance moving company will have their own pricing standards, so it might be hard to estimate how much your move will cost since there is no standard price. However, there are a few things during a move that will cost more than other things, generally speaking. We hope the following information gives you a better idea of how much it costs to use movers for your out-of-state move.

Timing is Everything

As you plan for your move out of state, consider the time of year you want to (or have to) move. In the moving industry, the time between mid-May and the end of September is considered peak moving season. That means if you move during those times, odds are your move will be more expensive than if you move at other times of the year, like the winter or early spring. Anyone who’s ever planned a vacation can tell you that prices go up when there’s more demand, and in the summer months, demand is high.

If you are looking to cut costs as you move out of state with movers, consider moving in less-desirable times.

Less is Best!

We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s going to cost more to move three bedrooms than two, and that’s because move loads are often based on weight. The more stuff that your movers are hauling on the moving truck, the more it will cost you. But the great news is that moving out of state is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need! Have a yard sale, unload some things on Facebook Marketplace, or make a donation to your local resale shop. Consider what you won’t need anymore or what you might what to buy once you get to your new home. And if you’re moving hundreds—or even thousands—of miles away, maybe you won’t need some of your climate-based possessions (snowblower, anyone?) in your new place.

Your Mileage May Vary

Out-of-state movers cost depending on just how out-of-state you are moving! Is it a hundred miles or 1,000 miles (or more)? If you’re moving from San Diego to Dallas (1350 miles), it’s going to cost more in time, gas and tolls than it would if you’d move to Phoenix instead (350 miles from San Diego). Also consider that the further the move, the more likely it is that there will be delays along the way—like from weather, construction, etc.

Numbers and Cents

In actual numbers, out of state movers costs about $7,500 on up, depending on all the factors we listed above. You can figure about $1,000 per room for full service movers, and that will include all your interactions with the professional moving company from planning your move to unloading at your new home.

How Do I Book Movers for My Out of State Move?

We know this is a lot of information to take in, but your first step in scheduling your move couldn’t be easier! Contact Budget Movers for your free moving quote. They will take you through what you can expect with your move and alleviate any moving anxiety you may have. Because we are an official agent of National Van Lines, we can move you anywhere in the world!