Why Do People Love Texas and Why You Should Move There

people love texas

Everybody loves the Lone Star State! In fact, if you don’t already love Texas, then buckle-up, because your Texas movers are about to take you to the rodeo with some great Texas facts. So, why do people love Texas so much? For starters, three separate Texas cities make the list of the top 10 most populous cities in the U.S., and Texas is also the home of the fastest roadway in the country and the largest bat cave in North America. The Lone Star State is also the birthplace of Six Flags amusement parks, Dr. Pepper, and the frozen margarita machine. If you’re feeling intrepid, then Texas is the place for you!

Why is everyone moving to Texas?

Still asking yourself why are people moving to Texas? Well, according to an article written by Natalie Walters for the Dallas Morning News, “People are moving to Texas primarily for economic reasons. They want good job opportunities and to be able to afford the type of lifestyle they want to live.” Most experts agree that the main reason for the mass migration to Texas is economic in nature; housing prices are cheaper in Texas than in coastal states like California, and the cost-of-living is lower. Texas also does not have a state income tax, which attracts many new residents every year. If you also want to take advantage of the great home prices in Texas, you’ll need an expert moving company like Budget Movers to help you move affordably and efficiently.

Who is moving to Texas?

Many of the people moving to Texas are coming from California or other states with coastal cities with expensive price tags. According to the 2021 Texas Relocation Report, the majority of new Texas residents are coming from California. Other states that are losing residents to Texas include Florida, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, and Illinois. Most of the people looking to relocate to Texas are either fleeing difficult housing markets or are looking to move to a state with more economic and business opportunities than their home states. If you are one of the thousands of residents in neighboring states looking to relocate in the San Antonio area, then don’t worry! Budget Movers handles local and long-distance moves for its clients. Budget Movers can help make your Texas dreams a reality.

What businesses are moving to Texas?

Along with new residents, Texas is seeing a record number of business migration. The Lone Star State is attracting many tech companies and others seeking to find a permanent home state that is favorable to business. So, why are businesses moving to Texas, exactly? The cost of doing business in Texas is low, and the state is considered favorable to businesses because of the low rate of unemployment and bustling economy. Well known business giants, like Tesla and Chevron, are in the process of moving their headquarters to Texas.

How do you move to Texas?

Here’s what to know about moving to Texas:the Lone Star State may be known for cowboys and ranches, but in reality, Texas is a thriving state that offers many benefits to its residents. As we at Budget Movers like to say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” but your fees and worries don’t have to be! With over 40 years of experience, Budget Movers is the most qualified and affordable moving service in San Antonio, TX. Call us at 210-920-7938 or go online to schedule your free moving quote today!

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