Beware of Moving Scams and Rogue Movers

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Budget Moving Scams

A June 2020 study conducted by the Better Business Bureau found that there are approximately 13,000 complaints made against moving companies in the United States each year for offenses as egregious as price gouging and property destruction. There have been several moving companies charged as being fraudulent or otherwise taking advantage of their customers, and every year, new homeowners are hoodwinked by moving scammers, false advertisers, and hoaxes. Like many other scams, moving scams have become more popular in recent years, making it more important than ever for consumers to know how to recognize and avoid moving scams.

The team at Budget Movers wants to help make your move a smooth and easy one, so we have compiled the following helpful tips to help consumers recognize moving scams and rogue movers:

  1. Consider using the Better Business Bureau’s website or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website to check the authenticity and status of the moving company you are thinking of employing.
  2. Check out the company name and thoroughly vet them by looking for markers of professionalism. Many scams choose names similar to that of reputable moving companies in an effort to confuse consumers. Consider whether or not the company’s equipment includes company names or logos and whether the company rents or uses unmarked trucks or vehicles for moving items.
  3. Check the company’s website, as well as other online resources, for reviews, phone numbers, and a professional address.
  4. Ensure you receive an accurate quote for services prior to moving.
  5. Check by comparison. When moving, it is always a good idea to get quotes from several comparable moving companies. Watch out for companies that charge significantly less for moving services than other companies in your area. If something sounds “too good to be true,” then it probably is!
  6. Payment should always come with delivery! For multiple reasons, it is considered a best practice for moving companies to ask for payment only after services have been satisfactorily rendered. Beware of companies asking for large pre-move deposits.

Moving Broker vs Moving Company: What’s the Difference?

Moving companies, like Budget Movers, are certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Moving companies are capable, with this registration, of moving your belongings and cargo and booking the whole move for you. According to the FMCSA, moving brokers are middlemen who book your move and sell it to moving companies.

Are Moving Brokers Bad?

The answer to that question is…complicated. Moving brokers are not necessarily bad; however, they are usually unnecessary, especially when there are many registered moving companies who can book and move your items for you. There are several downsides to booking a move through a broker, rather than a reputable moving company like Budget Movers. Moving brokers may not be able to provide you with an accurate quote. They are also not always able to guarantee services on a particular day or within a specific time frame.

Often, unaware consumers accidentally book moves through brokers instead of reputable companies, and the consumer is left with a headache, unmoved items, and exorbitant moving costs on-top of the brokers’ fees. Why pay two separate entities to book your move?

How to Save Money for Moving

Cut out the middleman and book your move with Budget Movers today! If you are looking for a reputable company local to San Antonio that is registered with the FMCSA, then look no further than Budget Movers. We are a locally owned and operated company who has been conducting moves for our customers since 1981! Budget Movers is ready to help get your move on the right track. If you are looking for a company you can trust to give you the best moving services, give us a call at 210-920-7938 for your free moving quote!

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