Install A Ceiling Fan in your New Home in San Antonio

how to install a ceiling fan

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You’ve just moved into your new bungalow in San Antonio with the help of Budget Movers. Your new home is perfect—right down to the white picket fence adorning the back yard and the taqueria down the street that makes the best tacos al pastor in town. You’re sitting in a blue rocking chair on your screened-in wraparound porch enjoying a perfectly sweetened glass of ice tea, when you realize that the scene isn’t quite as perfect as you thought: you’re sweating!

That’s right! It’s Summer in Texas, and as the temperatures soar to 100 degrees, or more, you’re sweating, even in the comfort of your own home, and that’s why you need a good, old-fashioned ceiling fan.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are great for air circulation, and they’re much easier on your wallet than additional expensive air conditioning units. Installing ceiling fans in your home helps support air circulation and lower room temperatures without exorbitantly increasing your electric bill. Ceiling fans can be installed almost anywhere in a home—bedrooms, living rooms, and even porches can all benefit from the consistent breeze and airflow created by an efficient fan.

Before installation, you have to consider the size of the fan you’d like to buy, as well as the measurements of the surrounding area. Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and styles, and you want to choose a fan that fits the needs of your home. There are also secondary decisions to make when purchasing a ceiling fan, such as whether or not you want your fan fitted with light fixtures or pull strings.

List of Ceiling Fan Stores in San Antonio

There are tons of stores in San Antonio that not only carry fans and fan parts but can also repair or install any fans for you. Here is a list of stores we recommend you check out before installing a ceiling fan yourself!

Turney Lighting & Electric
Lighting Inc.
Stevens Lighting
Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
Indoor & Outdoor Lightning Shop

Installation Tips and Tricks

After choosing the right ceiling fan for your space, the next step is installation. As experienced movers who have operated a family-owned moving service in San Antonio since 1981, we have learned a few things about appliance installation. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help with the installation of your new ceiling fan:

  • Always follow the specific instructions associated with the fan you are installing.
  • Consider checking out YouTube videos and other instructional materials before installation.
  • Ceiling fans usually need to be anchored to ceiling boxes for security and stability.
  • Quick-install fans are an option if you are looking for a particularly easy installation.
  • Make sure to turn off power to the area before beginning installation. Disconnect all wires and remove any other fixtures before installing the new appliance.
  • Use electrical tape to mark electrical switches for safety.
  • Make sure to attach the bracket securely to the ceiling electrical box.
  • Connect all wires and install the fan to the mount; after connecting the wires, place the wires into the junction box.
  • Attach any additional fixtures or add-ons and restart the power.

Moving in San Antonio

Before you begin installing any new ceiling fans, you need a trusted moving service, like Budget Movers, to help make your relocation in San Antonio a successful one. Since 1981, Budget Movers has helped customers in the San Antonio area make local and long-distance moves. If you are looking for a quality moving service to make your relocation a comfortable and affordable one, then give Budget Movers a call at 210-920-7938 or click this link for your free online quote. We cannot wait to help you move into your new home! Click HERE If you're looking to move out of San Antonio or Texas all-together. Because we are an Agent of National Van Lines, we can move you out the state! 

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