Moving to San Antonio & What to Expect on Moving Day

Moving Day Expectations

You are about to move to Texas, where it can get tricky if you are unprepared. When it comes to the most challenging tasks, most professionals will tell you not to sweat the small stuff. When it comes to moving to a potentially hot environment like Texas, this means getting all your ducks in a row. This means ensuring all your utilities are ready at your next house. If you are moving to San Antonio, contact your local utility providers and ensure your air conditioning is on before your stuff gets there!

So, the big truck is about to pull up in front of your house..., and you might be a little nervous.

Take a deep breath. You got this. Are you ready for our next great adventure?

You researched and hired the best movers in San Antonio that fits your budget. Your new home is waiting for you.

So, relax. And enjoy this. If you need a little more help during moving day, read the rest of this guide and understand what to expect.

Here are a few tips on what to expect on moving day:


Remember, if you hire reputable movers, you should have no worries about your belongings getting to your new home. They should have offered protection and any liability for unexpected situations!

Before the movers arrive, there are some things you should do. Clean the house and ensure your moving team has enough space. Are all your belongings labeled and inventoried? Organizing your move is key to quick and safe relocation!

Ensure you have contacted all your utilities and told them you are moving.

If you have sold your current house, make sure things like keys and garage door openers are ready for the new owners.

If you rent, make sure to have a walk-through with the management.


Ensure the movers get a checklist of all the items you plan to load. This way, you will make sure nothing gets left behind.

As you clean out each room, make sure nothing is left behind. Store any personal items and keep an inventory of everything you are moving.

Go through all your storage spaces, like medicine cabinets, and get everything you need at your next home.

Also, make sure to empty the fridge and pantry. No one wants to find that leftover casserole.

Preparing Your Pets to Move in Texas

Pet prep is one of the more challenging things on your list, especially if you are moving your pet to the hot state of Texas. Take consideration of cooling and hydration centers. If you are traveling or flying, ensure you have all the food and medication for the pet. Also, bring their favorite toy or blanket.


Suppose you are traveling from a different state to Texas. You want to prepare for weather changes or anything you wouldn't normally consider. During your move, ensure you have a daily essentials carry-on that you can easily access. The bag should include medications, clothes and shoes for your trip.


One of the first things the movers will do is put down a tarp on the areas they will be working. The moving company will give you an inventory of all the items they are moving.

If they are packing your items, this will take some time.

Also, if you have any questions, make sure to ask. The movers are there to help. Professional movers will carefully load everything onto the truck to ensure everything fits.

Once the items are loaded, go through each room to make sure nothing is left behind. Go through the garage and storage areas.


The process is the same when the items come to your new home.

The movers will give you a delivery date. They will bring the items to your new house. Make sure you are there to receive the items.

Make sure you call friends and family to tell them you have arrived. Say hello to your new neighbors.

Make sure to look at your items.

If the movers did a great job, you should tip them.

And most importantly, relax and have fun. This is your new house.


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Moving Day FAQ

How do I not stress on moving days?

To stress less on moving days, follow this list:

  • Make a plan and stay organized.
  • Label and organize all your belongings.
  • Pack ahead of time.
  • Get help.
  • Focus one room at a time.
  • Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials!

What is the most stressful part of moving?

One of the most stressful parts about moving is deciding what to keep and what to throw out. Some other stressors include hiring movers and packing your belongings. Other stressors include paying a down payment or security deposit.

Why is moving so hard emotionally?

Moving can be emotionally challenging because our homes are a part of us. If you have lived in that area for years, getting up and going can be difficult. Leaving can bring up feelings of sadness and frustration.

What should you do the night before you move?

  • Unplug any appliances you don't need. Unplugging the freezer ahead of time can allow you to defrost your freezer.
  • Get your packing/loading list ready for your movers.
  • Get your clothes and daily essentials ready for the time of your relocation.
  • Give the next owner some southern charm and clean up as much as possible!

Is it better to move on the weekend vs. the weekday?

Moving on the weekday gives movers less demand to schedule and move your items on time.

What do you throw out before you move?

  • Kitchen gadgets or small appliances you've never used.
  • Books you won't reread or haven't attempted to read in years.
  • Mismatched kitchen items and dishes.
  • Food that will spoil.
  • Shoes you don't care to wear.
  • Clothes you haven't worn in years.
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